Post Surgical

Continuous Cold / Hot / Compression Therapy

Novitas Thermocool

VascuTherm2 (no ice)


The Continuous Cold/Hot Compression Therapy Unit is a temperature-regulated (Hot/Cold) therapy solution that provides continuous circulation & compression through a delivery system of pumps and site-specific pads.

  • Treatment for acute and sub-acute injury where swelling persists
  • Acute stages of inflammation
  • Relief of pain
  • Prevention or reduction of inflammation
  • Increase of local blood flow
  • Decrease muscle guarding and spasm
  • Reduction of muscle spasm
  • Facilitates tissue healing
  • Prepares stiff joints and muscles for exercise

CPM Units

CPM Foot

CPM Shoulder

CPM Knee

CPM Hand

Help your patients prevent post-operative joint stiffness with the CPM Machine. Its patented drive mechanism allows continuous motion that matches the natural physiological spiral of flexion.

This lightweight, easily transportable unit also features variable speed control and a pivoting palm support for increased comfort, while its easy-to-use cursors protect healing tissue by limiting range of motion.