Pain Management

Muscle Stimulation and Pain Control

The EMS Unit & Tens Unit are fully portable digital muscle stimulators that feature a patient compliance meter, three modes and a safety amplitude cover.

  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve blood flow
  • Decrease inflammation and Muscle Spasm
  • Soft Tissue Repair

Continuous Cold / Hot / Compression Therapy

The Continuous Cold/Hot Compression Therapy Unit is a temperature-regulated (Hot/Cold) therapy solution that provides continuous circulation & compression through a delivery system of pumps and site-specific pads.

  • Treatment for acute and sub-acute injury where swelling persists
  • Acute stages of inflammation
  • Relief of pain
  • Prevention or reduction of inflammation
  • Increase of local blood flow
  • Decrease muscle guarding and spasm
  • Reduction of muscle spasm
  • Facilitates tissue healing
  • Prepares stiff joints and muscles for exercise